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Thank you for visiting Imaginarium Balloon


Here are a few terms and conditions and tips for the care of your balloon order 


Balloon Care 

To get the most out of your balloons it is essential that they are looked after like they are made of glass. 


Latex and bubble balloons can easily punctured so be careful to keep them away from sharp objects, walls, sharp corners, door frames, hedges, floral arrangements, nail extensions and car keys. The smallest perfection in you ceiling or wall can cause latex or bubble balloons to pop if banged against it. 


Please be sure to make check that if you are collecting your balloon order that it does actually fit in your car: a 2ft balloon is not going to fit in a sports car. Balloons should only be in cars for transportation and removed as soon as possible. 


Temperature is a huge factor into the lifespan of your helium balloons. Drops in temperature will cause the balloons to shrink. Too much heat will cause the helium to expand if left in a hot car, near a radiator or in direct Sunlight and could cause the balloons to expand to such an extreme that they burst. 


Balloons are happiest when kept at room temperature and careful moved around. 


We all love to provide balloons for Children, please remember that balloons are not toys, shaking, grabbing, yanking could cause damage to the balloons much like any product not used as intended. 


Please ensure that small children are supervised at all times with balloons, popped balloons could become a choking hazard and long ribbons could become entangled. 


Balloons are design and inflated well in advance of your delivery or collection to allow any imperfections to be flagged and corrected.


Imaginarium Balloon Studio does not condone balloon releases in any form. When disposing of your balloons please pop and snip up the balloons and ribbons and place in a general waste bin.


Latex balloons that are styled in garlands or towers are biodegradable, please get in touch if you would like to have your balloons responsibly disposed of or get further details on how to dispose of them yourself.

Terms and Conditions of Sale 

Once the balloons are out of my possession they are no longer my responsibly and replacements will be charged for. 

Minimum Spend for weekday celebration orders is £100.00 before delivery 

(Example: Double Digit Balloon tower and Personalised giant with Tassel is £100.00)

Terms and Conditions for Weddings and Events 

Minimum spend for on-site set up/installation at venue £250.00 

All weddings & large event installations are subject to a delivery and clean up charge. 
These will be calculated and provided with your quote.

Clean up charge may not be required if you are taking your balloons home, clearing the venue yourself or if the venue management have agreed to clear. 

No booking is secured without Date Security Deposit (£30.00) or 25% of balance deposit 

The Date Security Deposit and 25% Deposit are non-refundable in the event of cancellation.

Coronavirus Notice: if in the event you celebration is postponed or cancelled we will endeavour to move your date and deposit to the new date. 

Events and Weddings cannot be scaled back to anything less than 75% of the agreed styling plan

Styling cannot be changed or tweaked with less than 3 months to go until event date.. 

On the day of installation discretionary changes may need to be made once on site,  if any challenges or previously non-disclosed venue regulations apply. 

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