Bespoke Installations

No two balloon installations are the same which is why they make events so truly unique. I push my creativity for you, my lovely clients, so that I can provide you with my unique service. By all means send over inspiration images and past projects I've created but I will interpret them for your event.

Just remember, quotes for bespoke installations tend to take a little longer due to sign off from venues. Get in touch today to make a special moment truly unique.

Helium Balloons*


Latex balloons come in a range of sizes that can be inflated with helium, from the 'standard' size to wonderful other worldy giant latex balloons.

Foil balloons, rounds, hearts, stars, numbers, letters.... shiny, holographic, satin, chrome.... lets talk colours and we are good to go.

Luxury foil

There is a good chance I've made this phrase up but it works for explaining what I'm talking about. Luxury foils are Orbz, Cubz, Diamonds, Cresents, 3D hearts. They are show stopping, crazy fun ways to make balloon clusters and installations even more amazing.


Imaginarium does a full range of deco bubble variations, confetti, glitter, feathers, pompoms, custom colours, snow (for Christmas).

*Due to the Global shortage of helium, I will be taking the time to recommend more helium free styling options as the industry is unsure about dependable stock and resources. We wouldn't want to have no helium in stock and have to change designs last minute. 

Accessories & customisation

Add custom made tassels, pom poms, trails and garlands to helium balloons or into garlands and clouds.

Imaginarium provides a full customisation service on most products

We have a vast amount of vinyl personalisation options available including corporate branding capability. With the added bonus of having an in house Graphic Designer for custom work.

Ordering & Bookings

I try my best to squeeze last minute orders (I usually do) because 

I don't want to turn anyone away. But to ensure that no one is disappointed here are my booking time suggestions:

  • Weddings/Summer Events minimum 6 months notice

  • Big installations/orders 8-12 weeks notice 

  • Helium Deliveries (20+ balloons) 6 weeks

  • Helium Pick up orders 4 weeks

  • Cloud/mini garland pick up/delivered orders 4 weeks

I'm a strong believer in 'shy bairns get nowt', so ask me the question and I'll see what I can do.

Upon booking my services I request that 25% non-refundable deposit is paid to secure your date and confirm the details of the order.

Orders under £100.00 I request a 50% non-refundable deposit is paid to secure your date and confirm the details of the order. 

Installation & Delivery

Orders that do not require installation can be collected if it fits in your car. 

The collection address in the North East will be disclosed 48 hours prior to pre-agreed collection date. 

All orders are subject to transportation fees, based on mileage at 60p per mile. Orders requiring collection/clean up will have a higher transportation fee. 


Wedding balloons are available for delivery anyway in Imaginarium Balloon Studio's coverage area. Celebration balloon orders have a more limited delivery range. 

Balloon wands are collection/post only (can be delivered based on the number required).

Prices for Christmas, Valentine's, Easter and Halloween promotions are subject to those seasonal offers only.